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This is a port of the Plus Too code from Big Mess o' Wires to Pepino. This code base have been dormant for a while but recently the folks at MiST picked it up and added more features like keyboard and sound support etc. The code supports a virtual SCSI hard drive via the sd-card socket. This is based on the MIST scsi code but the disk interface is quite different - the MIST board have a ARM processor that is handling the sd-card read and write functions and talks to the FPGA via SPI, while in the Pepino implementation the FPGA is directly connected to the sd card using the native 4-bit SD protocol.

The 128KB ROM data is stored in flash memory after the bit file. On the LX25 version the ROM code is transferred to RAM at boot time and executed from RAM, while on the LX9 version the ROM code is executed directly from the flash chip due to the LX9 RAM limitation (the MacPlus needs the full 1MB of RAM).


Bit files available here: plustoorom_LX9.bit plustoorom_LX25.bit

The complete LX25 project can be downloaded here:

The complete LX9 project can be downloaded here:

The LX25 bit file and image for a bootable 128MB disk can be downloaded here:

Getting started

  • Download and unzip the file
  • Write the file 128M.img to the sd-card. On a PC you can use win32diskimager, on Linux you can use dd ($ sudo dd if=128M.img of=/dev/sdX). Note that this will erase all data on the SD card!
  • Insert the SD card on the Pepino board, connect a monitor, keyboard and mouse etc.
  • Flash the correct bit file (plustoorom_LX9.bit or plustoorom_LX25.bit) to Pepino. Note: The bit file must be written to flash since it contains the ROM code in addition to the FPGA bit file.
  • Be careful when powering down the board (use the Mac shutdown) to avoid disc corruption